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You can't kill me !

In front of numerous adults blogs deletions on Tumblr recently and like many other erotic artists who post there work on this platform, I find myself forced to take action in cases my blog also had to disappear…

It is incredible to imagine that all the energy we have spent and all our efforts to share our work with you all and for free to try to make us known can be annihilated in a split second …

But who are we, us the netizens, in front of the dictatorship of these powerful companies who do what they want on the Internet.

it is we, who have populated, built and made live this new world… and we are powerless to defend ourselves… it makes me really sad and upset …

To live this artist’s life, I made the choice to left behind my work, my social life and almost all my friends… So from my side, I will never give up and continue despite everything to do what I want, to do what I love, to do what inspires me day after day, freely and without ever making any concessions!

So, for those who appreciate my work, I will be happy to tell you that from now on, this blog will become my primary blog. And everything that I have post on my Tumblr blog will migrate here.

I love you all and I wish you a great day !!!



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