I'm born in Paris in 1968 and curently living and working in Montreal, Canada.

After finishing my artistic studies and graduating in 1986, I became an independant illustrator and multimedia graphic designer.

In 1998, I joined the video games industry working for Ubisoft France. Then, in 2004, I took advantage of a work opportunity to cross the Atlantic and settle in Montreal.

For more than 20 years, I have mainly worked for many famous video game companies such as Ubi Soft, Warner bros Games, Gameloft or BeHaviour.


I also realize a large number of graphic designs or illustrations as a freelance artist for clients in the entertainment and multimedia industry.

After a burnout in 2015, I realized that I gave enough of my precious time to others and started working on my own artistic projects.

In the begining, I started drawing erotic art as part of a homemade therapy, but I quickly get to like it to the point that I has never stopped since !

My artistic creations are a hymn to women in all their beauty, sensuality and diversity.

My models freely express their fantasies in a graphic style close to comics and pop art.

Among my influences, we find artists such as: Roberto "Magnus" Raviola, Rockin Jelly Bean, Roberto Baldazzini and of course: Milo Manara or the famous pop-art artist: Roy Lichtenstein.

From time to time I leave my artist's lair to participate in art exhibitions where I can meet and talk with  peoples, fans and other artists :

- In July 2017: My first exhibition was held at Montreal's famous swinger club : l'Orage club.

- In November 2017: I participated in the exhibition: Ero-Pop-Art, at the Concorde gallery in Paris.

- In September 2019: I showed several works at the DBC Art Gallery for the Montreal Erotic Art Festival.




In addition to my own creations, I do erotic art commissions for private clients.

I can create for you, a personalized work representing your wife, your girlfriend or your favorite heroine.

Interested ? Here are some rules to know, as well as my prices.


- I draw any type of female characters with realistic body proportions.

- The prices are in Canadian dollars and for one character only.

- Of course I can draw you or your wife/girlfriend !!! but you'll have to send photographs of the model.

- Bondage, Sex toys, hairy, Close-up... no problemo !

- Creature/Furry/fanart... Not really my cup of tea, but you can ask !

- I don't draw : Kids, violence, rape, piss, scat, gore, zoo or any other stuff like that...

- If I don't like something and don't want to draw it, I'll tell you why.

- You can add stuffs like cool logos, clothes, shoes or special background... etc. But be aware that the price may vary depending on how much work it is.


- Sketch only : 300 CAD*

- Sketch + line art :  400 CAD*

- Sketch + line art + Full color illustration : 1000 CAD

Important notes :

- The files you will receive after the work is completed are in jpg format.
These files allow professional quality printing in 24X36 Inches poster format at 300 DPI (60X90 Cm)


- The prices indicated here relate only to works for personal use and whose final purpose is neither reproduction, marketing, nor any professional purpose.

- For any commercial illustration work, contact me with the form below.

* The price shown here may vary depending of the work's specification and/or modifications.


Made by Paypal only !

If your project is accepted, I'll work on a rough sketch to show you the general idea. If you like it, you make
the payment and we have a deal !

There's always a possibility to make some slight changes on my work at any step... but you will have to
explain that changes clearly and understand that it can modify the price : time is money !


Do you want to know something else or just send me a private message.


E-mail sent, thank you !