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Born in 1968 in Paris, I now live and work in Montreal where I settled in 1998.

I became a freelance multimedia illustrator and graphic designer after I finished my art studies and graduated in 1986.
Since then, I have been working in the multimedia and video game industry.

After a burn-out in 2015, I realized that I had given enough time and talent to others and then I started working on my own art project.

At first I started drawing these female nudes because it was very pleasurable, but also to distract my brain that kept going at 100 miles an hour.
Gradually, this home therapy developed into the erotic illustration project it is today.

My creations are a hymn to women in all their beauty, diversity and sensuality and I like to imagine them as independent and strong.
These free women do not hesitate to express their fantasies in seduction games where they define the rules themselves.

My graphic style has been influenced by artists such as: Roberto "Magnus" Raviola, Chris "Coop" Cooper, Rockin' Jelly Bean, Toshio Saeki, Mitch 'O Connell and of course: Milo Manara.

From time to time, I get out of my artist's den to participate in art shows where I meet and talk with other human beings, fans and other artists :

- In July 2017: My first exhibition took place at the famous swingers club in Montreal: the club l'Orage.
- In November 2017: I participated in the exhibition: Ero-Pop-Art, at the Concorde gallery in Paris.
- In September 2019: I exhibited several works at the DBC art gallery as part of the Montreal Erotic Art Festival



In addition to my own creations, I do erotic art commissions for private clients.

I can create for you, a personalized work representing your wife, your girlfriend or your favorite heroine.

Interested ? Here are some rules to know, as well as my prices.


- I draw any type of female characters with realistic body proportions.

- The prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD) and for one character only.

- Of course I can draw you or your wife/girlfriend !!! but you'll have to send photographs of the model.

- I only draw softcore erotica. You can see exemples of my creations in my portfolio.

- You can add lots of features like texts, fancy clothes and shoes, special background... But be aware that the more work an illustration requires and the more the price increases.


- Sketch only : 150 $*

- Sketch + line art :  250 $*

- Sketch + line art + Full color illustration : 500 $*

Important notes :

- The files you will receive after the work is completed are in jpg format.
These files allow professional quality printing in 24X36 Inches poster format at 300 DPI (60X90 Cm)


- The prices indicated here relate only to works for personal use and whose final purpose is neither reproduction, marketing, nor any professional purpose.

- For any commercial illustration work, contact me with the form below.

* The price shown here may vary depending of the work's specification, marketing rights and/or artwork modifications.


Payments are made via Paypal only !

If your project is accepted, I make a preliminary sketch to show you the general idea. If you are satisfied with the result, you make me a deposit and I'll work on the final sketch.

The payments are staggered in this way at each stage of the making of your illustration. (inking, then final realization)


Each creation step is independent of the next one, so you can choose to stop or add a step at any time.

There's always a possibility to make some slight changes on my work at any step... but you will have to
explain that changes clearly and understand that it can have an influence on the price.



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