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New pin-up : Elisabeth Shelley WIP Step 2

Flat colors done !

So, I was peacefully making the colors of my new pin-up when suddenly, just to test, I decided to completely change her skin tone...

Seeing the result, I jump and cried out: Oh my god! It would be so cool to make a fanart of the female creature from the movie: the bride of Frankenstein!!!

So I decided to change my artistic direction and, at the same time, her name.

Now she's Elysabeth Shelley...

And why this name?

Elisabeth is the original name of Frankenstein's bride in the movie and Shelley is the middle name of Mary Shelley Stuart who has originally writen the book: Frankenstein; or, the modern Prometheus.


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1 Comment

Nov 28, 2017

Reminds me "Sally" ! The heroin from the excellent movie "Nightmare Before Christmas"...^ ^

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